La Palma

We started looking for an Easter sunshine getaway at the start of the year. It’s always the best time isn’t it? After the excitement of Christmas and the anti climax of New Year (in my opinion) the only way to try and beat the January blues is to set your sights on sunshine at the […]

Barcelona, such a beautiful horizon!

Once sang by Freddie Mercury, on a song made famous and very much associated with the opening ceremony of the 1992 Olympic Games. I remember watching it when I was 11 years old and 25 years later I would be walking around the grounds near the Olympic Stadium, soaking up the fantastic views that surround […]

Craft beer is everywhere! 

Literally, everywhere. We like a good craft beer (I am quite partial to American Pale Ale’s and Laura likes a stout towards the end of an evening) and we are really lucky to live in an area where there are so many really good beer places. When you travel abroad or go to other major […]

Sagrada Familia ~ Place de Gaudi 

One of the must visits for Barcelona is the Sagrada Familia, the life work of the infamous architect Antoni Gaudi. You have to book weeks/months in advance for tickets for this place otherwise you will be disappointed, as were some Americans who turned up on the day only to be told it was fully booked. […]

Lisboa and the craft beer revolution

We decided on a city break at the start of the year. Well, initially it wasn’t going to be a city, initially it wasn’t even going to be a break. After making the momentous decision to replace the bathroom in the summer, we felt we probably shouldn’t be going anywhere at all, however, this proves […]

Beer o clock in the South West

Described as a desert in terms of real ale and craft ale, I wasn’t expecting too much from my Cornwall adventure.  As described in my previous blog, the Bolingey Inn was ok but, if like us, you’ve had the opportunity to drink lots of great craft beers, St Austell, which is so widely available everywhere […]

From home to Frome

We decided on this holiday nearly twelve months ago after acquiring our Cockapoo, Ruby. Pre-Ruby I worried that I would never be able to go on holiday ever again because I feared we would never find a dog sitter. Post-Ruby I worry about going on holidays that don’t involve her. I need not have worried […]

Singapore Sling

So it’s been a good few years since we did a really long flight. We’ve been to the States recently (NYC) and Europe, and those flights are no more than seven hours. Needless to say I was a little apprehensive about flying all the way to Perth, Australia for my brother in law’s wedding with […]