Wild seas, salty lips, sandy toes, white surf, sea spray, hidden coves … Cornwall.

After having this holiday booked for nearly twelve months, at times it felt like it would never come around, but at the same time you don’t want to wish time away. 

We wanted a holiday where we could take Ruby (how times have changed) and so we chose Cornwall for that reason. We decided to head towards the North Coast as that’s where the most dog friendly beaches are, especially in the summer when they change the rules due to the amount of families (I assume). It’s also where Laura and I both hold many fond memories. We’ve visited Newquay together in the past and knew of its reputation, so we decided to stay in Perranporth. It has three miles of a dog friendly beach and the cottage we found had spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean. Perfect.

Providing the weather would be OK. Fortunately it was. Not many times you can say that about England! 

So our cottage was a true find. A converted barn called White Horses, attached to another property but private all the same. Only one bedroom but more than big enough for the two of us – and Ruby! Outside it had a lovely decking area with a summer house that overlooked the beach at Perranporth and a view that would provide us with spectacular sunsets in the evenings. 

About a mile from the beach, perhaps not even that, there was a nice country path walk down to the sea. In the other direction was a place called Bolingey, where we were directed to a pub, which funnily enough we decided to visit on our first night. 

The Bolingey Inn. We often put our trust in the Lonely Planet guides and therefore invested in their Devon and Cornwall edition. It was published in 2014 and a lot can happen in two years, such as the recent boom in the craft beer industry, which would probably be mentioned in a more recent version. The Bolingey Inn was ok but I didn’t think it was particularly special. We’ve been so spoilt for good pubs and beer in Stoke/Newcastle that a local pub serving Doom Bar is just a bit disappointing. The locals seemed to like it though and it definitely had a good crowd.

Perranporth is family orientated and for that it’s brilliant. It’s got a great location for all of the areas of Cornwall that we enjoy. The Watering Hole bar that is literally on the beach has a wonderful location. It’s busy but provides a good atmosphere. We stopped there on the way back from walking Ruby.

The beach at Perranporth is dog friendly all year round, meaning we can let Ruby run to her hearts content for as long as she wants. There is an area where leads are recommended but beyond that there is a huge stretch of beach. Walking up and down it can easily be a good hour. 

More to come, including St Ives, Newquay, Penzance and Padstow. We’ve covered it all! 

#perranporth #cornwall #wateringhole


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