Beer o clock in the South West

Described as a desert in terms of real ale and craft ale, I wasn’t expecting too much from my Cornwall adventure. 

As described in my previous blog, the Bolingey Inn was ok but, if like us, you’ve had the opportunity to drink lots of great craft beers, St Austell, which is so widely available everywhere anyway, isn’t want you always want a pint of. Apologies if people disagree. 

I did a bit of research and read about a place called #driftwoodspars in St Agnes. It was described as having its own micro brewery which was a big tick from the start. It also had lovely views of the beach and a great selection of different beers, as well as being dog friendly. We tasted their Bawden Rocks, a 3.8% golden hoppy beer. Very nice. They had plenty more that we couldn’t sample due to driving, buT definitely worth a return visit. 

Up next was a place called the Water Front in Perranporth. I had seen a sign advertising #blackflagbrewery on the outside and felt it was worth an investigation. The Watering Hole is the famous bar in Perranporth, sitting a near perfect spot on the actual beach. However, don’t dismiss the Water Fromt, it has a beer garden and also great views. It’s family and dog friendly but had a lively atmosphere when we were in. 

It was here that we discovered Black Flag. I can’t actually write the name of the beer as it was tricky to pronounce and remember to spell! It was a nice pale ale, almost like an American pale at 4% on draught. Absolutely lovely.

When I typed in Black Flag on Facebook, I discovered two other pubs that stocked their beers. One was the Lamp and Whistle in Penzance and the other was the No 5 Alehouse in Newquay, two places we both intended to visit. Bonus!

Just to clarify we did do other things in Cornwall other than drink beer! I promise! 

Penzance is a funny old place. The largest town in Cornwall and somewhere stuck I between being a bit of a mess and actually quite nice. Lots of new shops/buildings mixed in with vintage and art. 

The Lamp and Whistle is on a back street not far from Market Jew Street. It’s been wonderfully renovated but unfortunately does not allow dogs in, which is quite bizarre for that kind of back street boozer and even more so in Cornwall, where dogs are allowed everywhere, including shops and cafes. So we sat outside but drank great beer all the same. Not Black Flag this time but a great American pale. 

Onto the wonderful No 5 Brewhouse in Newquay, which is a place that, in my opinion, has improved enormously. The new Brewhouse is on the Crescent, which has a great location near Towan Beach. I would say a lot of money has been on this new pub but it looks incredible with some original features maintained. We drank 2/3, which is what they serve of Black Flag’s Five Fingers, which was outstanding. Beavertown was also on the menu as well as three other craft beers. Impressive, as was the food. Fresh and very tasty. Well worth a visit. 

Wax, on Watergate Bay has long been a favourite haunt of ours due to its breathtaking location. This also has three hand pumps on of  Skinners brewery. 

We discovered on our penultimate night that the local off licence as all of these local breweries in and more, Corkscrew in Perranporth. I can’t believe it’s been until now that we have realised this. Fantastic choice proving that the South West is not a real ale or craft beer desert just yet. 

#no5alehouse #visitnewquay #waxwatergate #drftwoodspars #skinnersbrewery #waterfront #blackflagbrewery #corkscrew 


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