From home to Frome

We decided on this holiday nearly twelve months ago after acquiring our Cockapoo, Ruby. Pre-Ruby I worried that I would never be able to go on holiday ever again because I feared we would never find a dog sitter. Post-Ruby I worry about going on holidays that don’t involve her. I need not have worried about the dog sitter part, people are queuing up to do that!

So we booked a week in Cornwall initially and then decided we wanted to see Stonehenge and Glastonbury, so we did for the first time ever an Air BnB and added an extra two days onto our holiday. We had heard about Air BnB through friends and decided to give it a try. We literally looked at a map and picked a midway point between Glastonbury and Salisbury, home of Stonehenge. Frome appeared to be a sensible choice and it looked quirky. 

The Air BnB we have is a basement apartment at the bottom of what looks like a really old building. It’s within a ten minute walk to the town centre. Frome is very pretty, full of independent shops and home to the monthly Frome Independent – a local artisan market. Unfortunately it takes place on the first Sunday of every month and we won’t have the opportunity to see it. Like most markets, they all seem to take place on either the first or last weekend of a month. Very rarely do you get an event that’s on ‘the second to last Sunday of the month’. 

After we checked in, we headed into town in search of a pub, which is very unusual for us (quite clearly a joke). I wanted to try out Milk Street Brewery and their tap, The Griffin, but it was closed. Well, it opened at 5pm and it was half past four … Only kidding. We went in search of somewhere called the Cheese and Grain, which appeared to be a music venue as well as a craft centre. They also sold Milk Street beers, but not until 6pm! We were thirsty and desperate at this point so we settled for another arts centre called the Black Swan, on the basis that they sold beer in bottles.  

We intend to return to the Cheese and Grain, determined to sample Milk Street beer but when we got there, we were told that the bar still wasn’t open. ‘What time does it open?’ I asked. ‘Six’ she replied. ‘What time is it now?’ I queried. ‘Three minutes past six. But nobody has turned up to open it.’ She looked across in hope at the empty car park, clearly wanting a bar tender to suddenly appear. They didn’t. We left.

It was clearly a blessing in disguise as around the corner we discovered The River Cafe with a lovely view of the River Frome, and, you guessed it – beer! Although still no Milk Street but we settled for some good crafts instead. 

The following day we headed out to Stonehenge. Laura did her research: you have to pay to get in and dogs aren’t  allowed. Perhaps not quite what we needed to hear. However, we read about a back road where you could drive past and see it from a distance. The problem is the road gets very busy as people stop and slow down to view. I am glad we didn’t make the effort to go up close because not only was it chucking it down at this point, but they were not at all what I expected. Laura first thought she had spotted the stones, when in actual fact it was some hay bales stacked in an opposite field! We laughed and then realised they were in front of us and really … Small. Almost insignificant and yes, we were some distance away but not that far and nothing that would make us want to return. 

Glastonbury Tor on the other hand was outstanding. Free and absolutely stunning. You can see three counties from the top, although it’s pretty windy s would advise the tying up of hair, otherwise you won’t see a thing. It’s a steep climb and there were a few ‘spirited’ people about, but it’s well worth the walk. Ruby got accosted by a hippie carrying a bow and arrow. I had nipped back to the car and would t have believed it had I nothave spotted him in a nearby field.

We visited Wells during the afternoon as well. Another worthwhile place to see. The smallest city in the country but with a wonderful cathedral. 

Looking forward to Perranporth tomorrow! 


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