Singapore Sling

So it’s been a good few years since we did a really long flight. We’ve been to the States recently (NYC) and Europe, and those flights are no more than seven hours. Needless to say I was a little apprehensive about flying all the way to Perth, Australia for my brother in law’s wedding with #singaporeairlines.

I shouldn’t have been. When we boarded the plane at Manchester Airport, I couldn’t tell it was in a different class to other airlines. As always, I had done some research regards Singapore Airlines and I knew the statistics, not just for safety but also for customer service.

The plane looked luxurious – even in economy! Ok, maybe a slight exaggeration! But even so, it made my Ryanair flight to Ibiza last year look sub standard! No surprise there.

The air hostesses were dressed, as Laura described them, as ‘Singapore Princesses’ and they were delightful. Nothing was too much trouble – regardless of the time of day or night.

Our first destination was Munich where we were to get off the plane (admittedly this isn’t what we had been told at booking) whilst it was cleaned and then board ready to go onto Singapore. About 11 hours of flying in total.

About four hours into the flight and the sun started to set. I don’t particularly like flying at night but on a journey covering this distance you can’t really avoid it. I kept checking the progress of our flight as we crossed a multitude of different countries. Singapore Airlines had a very good interactive service in the back of each seat, meaning we could watch a variety do different films. There were literally hundreds – almost too much choice. I settled into the relatively recent release, ‘Brooklyn’ before going back to an old classic, ‘Dirty Dancing’ where I went back to Kellerman’s mountain in the summer of 1963 for about the hundredth time.

We had been given a menu highlighting all of our different food options for the entirety of the flight (including Singapore to Perth). I started with minced beef and ginger rice. It was without doubt the best airplane food I had ever eaten. Mind you, I like Asian food so this was always going to be a winner. Drinks were plentiful and before you knew it, I was relaxed and drifting off to sleep – something which I am never able to do on a plane.

We experienced a prolonged amount of turbulence as we flew over Iran. I wasn’t aware of this at the time and that was probably for the best. I am not sure I would have appreciated an emergency landing there! Already I can’t hear people say, ’emergency landing – for turbulence?’ But that’s how I view turbulence. Every flying expert under the sun can tell me a thousand times how safe it is to fly through various air bubbles or whatever, but I still feel like we will plummet from the sky or lose a wing whenever we experience it! Let me hope this is never the case.

As soon as we were through the worst of it, the captain turned off the seat belt sign and I returned to normality. Breakfast was soon served and I woke up just in time to land in the morning in Singapore. It looked delightful as we came in to land and made me realise how much of the world I want to go on and see. Unfortunately, seeing Singapore wouldn’t happen on this visit as we didn’t have the time. We would have a little over an hour in the airport before we continued on to our final destination, Perth.

All in all, a fabulous start to our holiday. The fact that it was raining when we landed in Australia is another story. Maybe we inadvertently took the English weather with us on the plane when we left the UK?



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