Top of the morning to ya!

Laura and I must be the only two people that have left the UK and gone somewhere where the weather is worse. However we expect the beer (Guinness) to be much better. Yes, we are in Dublin!

I’ve successfully managed my first flight of the year with Aer Lingus. It’s so quick it makes you wonder why people ever bother with a ferry. It took us less time to get to Dublin than it did to get to London on the train.

The one downside is the security checks at the airport. From someone who is very keen on keeping the skies safe, I am all for checks and what not at the airport. However, the new system at Manchester was like hell on earth! It took us over 45 minutes to get through with us having to wait for Laura’s bag to have an additional search. Apparently lipstick can be a weapon of potential mass destruction! Who would have thought it?

Laura and I are literally so tired. I didn’t even have the energy to get nervous about the flight this morning. Although there was a strange sound as we taxi’d down to the runway that I was very concerned about. It sounded like a cough but it was constant and very distressing!

It’s fair to say we are still on cloud nine after our civil partnership on Tuesday. We have been completely inundated with lovely messages, overwhelmed with people’s generosity and overall feel exceptionally lucky and blessed. We had the best day on Tuesday, it was everything we wanted and so much more.



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