Camden of a different kind!

So we booked our hotel through Groupon, which can be a little worrying at times. We have done a couple of Groupon/Travel Zoo deals now and all of them have been excellent. However, the reviews for our hotel were very mixed when we read the reviews on Trip Advisor.

We really shouldn’t have worried. The hotel is a little walk from the centre – well we say a little walk, it’s about 15 minutes. When we told the bus driver we were walking he looked at us like we said we were going to do forward rolls all the way there!

It’s on a street called Lower Camden, which is very similar to Camden in London in many ways. Quirky, interesting shops, bars and places to eat along the way. It feels like it has a lot of character. Not bad for a quick booking on Groupon.

Back to the hotel, the Camden Deluxe, a converted theatre that still has its original 1950s facade. Recently been renovated, it’s really nice. We are at the top of the building and we have a great big window overlooking the city. It was £99 for two nights which for Dublin, was a bargain.

Drank some Guinness yesterday at a bar called The International. The Irish can talk! Met a bloke called Kenny, who was the bar manager. He told us how he was asking his girlfriend to marry him next week. Laura suggested he did a lip dub video, he was thinking more along the lines of petals on the bed or something! Anyway, his girlfriend is German and older than him and for some reason I couldn’t get the image of Angela Merkel out of my head!

We headed on into the Temple Bar afterwards. Last time I went there was nearly ten years ago with my two friends Sarah and Jack. It’s very quirky and I liked it a lot. God knows how Sarah, Jack and me got around Dublin last time we came. I always look at recommendations and reviews and maps these days, we must have been walking around blind all those years ago.

Finally we went for a meal at a restaurant called the Chilli Club. It was Thai and they did the hot soups we like, like Tom Yum. Afterwards we headed to a bar across the road called Kehoe’s. It had maintained all of its Victorian interior and the bar upstairs was originally the publican’s living room and it had remained unchanged! It was absolutely heaving. You couldn’t move around at all but it contained a brilliant atmosphere.



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